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A Designs American-made Mic Pre's and  Valve DI's, including the 'Pacifica' and 'REDDI', 'Nail' and 'Hammer'

ATM microphone, multicore & loudspeaker cable

Celestion Guitar, Bass & PA Chassis Speakers/Drivers


Mcgregor Amplification products

MTR Product range

Precision Devices PA Chassis Speakers/Drivers

Price Lists for MTR,stageClix, Galaxy Audio, RaxX, McGregor,Celestion, Precision Devices, ATM Cable, A-Designs Audio, ARX.

Product Reviews

RaxX 19" expandable rackmounting system

End-of-Line & Special Deals -100mm Alps faders- 10band graphic eq - ARX Compressors  and Maximix - Martin Lighting cases - Jem smoke fluid etc etc.

stageClix digital wireless system for guitars and basses, and for trumpets, trombones, saxophones, woodwind.

MTR & McGregor User Guides/Instructions for use, current and legacy

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Latest News - the stageClix 'Jack' Version 2 digital wireless system has arrived, with an extra 'cable capacitance' feature at no extra cost

Last Update: 30/9/2013
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What do you call a dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac? Someone who lies awake all night wondering if there is a Dog.

MTR Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of professional audio products used in recording, radio and television studios, by musicians live on stage, in audio installations, in schools, and by PA  hire companies.

We have been established for 30 years and are located just to the north of London, England.   We manufacture and distribute the MTR brand, a range of 'problem-solvers' including active and passive DI Boxes, headphone amps and splitters, phantom power supplies, multiway keyboard power supplies, and acoustic foam panels.   We distribute worldwide the highly versatile RaxX system of uniquely expandable 19" installation racking, and the McGregor Amplification range of mixer-amps, power amps, speakers, disco/karaoke, and installation mixers and zoners.

We also distribute the superb A-Designs Audio American-made valve and solid state Mic Pre's and install products (top sellers the Pacifica mic-pre, REDDI valve DI box and HAMMER valve E.Q.), CelestionPrecision Devices and Fane chassis speakers/drivers, and top quality ATM Cables, multicores and looms.

We are proud to distribute the best digital wireless system in the world for guitar and bass from the Dutch company stageClix - superbly designed and made, and SO much better than analogue systems with their tone-destroying companders and hopeless bandwidth.  Microphone/beltpack version now available, and in-ear monitoring versions are coming soon.

Our latest addition in 2012 is the highly respected Galaxy Audio from the USA - we are distributing the best of their products including the latest powered version of the world-famous HotSpot personal monitor; the Cricket, the best cable and polarity tester ever, and the Checkmate Sound Pressure Level meter - stay ahead of the Noise Police!

 We welcome your orders, your comments/suggestions about our products, and this site.  Please email us at:  support@mtraudio.com

MTR Ltd,  Ford House,  58 Cross Road,  Bushey,  Herts,  WD19 4DQ  UK   Add this address automatically to yourTomTom Satnav
Tel: +44 (0)1923-234050     Fax: +44 (0)1923- 255746
Company Registration No: 1600746.  Reg. in England.   Reg. Office: as above.  V.A.T No: 366 9549 94

The countryside is a soggy sort of place where animals and birds wander about uncooked...

A Heads Up - we have just been made aware of a website called Gottomix.com which uses most of our address and slightly altered phone and fax numbers as their contact details. They show very well photoshoped images of many different brands of pro-audio products, all with the Gottomix logo on the product and packaging. The purpose of all this effort is unclear. We are nothing whatever to do with them, and would advise caution if you choose to deal with them. The police have been advised.

Also note that our Alibaba site has been hacked, the products replaced with iphones and xboxes which we do not sell, and Alibaba will not do anything about it. Avoid.

UPDATE: A 'whois' search shows the site is owned by beijing JZJ culture development Co.LTD, contact is Liu Baomin, address: chaoyangqupanjiayuabaihuanhuayuan8-101, Postal Code 100021, Phone: 86-010-87790127, Fax: 86-10-87790736, Emai: 133565511@qq.com

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